Maral Rapp headshot, studio shot, packaging
Modern Vintage Mesh Works: Modern jewelry, handmade from vintage metal mesh flapper purses.

Former graphic designer Maral Rapp's focus on detail and craft, commitment to personal style, and deep love for vintage objects all come together to create this singular, metal mesh jewelry. Forever drawn to the flashy, fluid metal of Mid Century and Art Deco mesh purses, Maral was inspired to give the iconic handbags new life in a more wearable, contemporary application.

Working from her studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, she presents swatches of the reclaimed mesh as small jewels, as artifact, rich with history yet decidedly modern. Detailed with precious metals, the resulting works offer this storied material in a fresh, accessible, and ultimately more personal way — delivering unique, sustainable jewelry that glows in the lowest of light.
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