Some of these materials have been around for more than 100 years - with proper care and storage, they can be enjoyed for at least 100 more.

Even if you love a rustic patina, it's always best to remove the mesh jewelry before sleeping, swimming, or bathing. Apply any lotions, perfumes, and all grooming products before putting on your jewelry.

We have washed the vintage mesh before use but if you ever need to clean it, just lightly buff the pieces with water, mild soap, and a soft cloth - or use a soft toothbrush, if necessary. Rinse and dry well. Drying thoroughly is very important, particularly for the older, antique mesh. To dry inside the links: pat the mesh dry with a soft cloth, then use light heat from a blow dryer or place in bright, direct sunlight to evaporate any remaining water inside the links.

While metal mesh is not particularly fragile, the individual links do have very small tines that can become bent, and some of the older enamel paint finishes may continue to wear over time. Please treat these vintage and antique materials with some basic care. Earrings are best stored alone, either protected in their own spot or hung on a hook. Necklaces can be stored any way you choose, but a hanging necklace is always less prone to tangle.